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In March 2020, a faithful and fearless team stepped up to make a difference in a world of pressure and uncertainty.


As Creative Crew’s official media team, they volunteered countless hours during lockdowns, creating exceptional content for their community while maintaining social distancing and staying safe.

At just 9-12 years old, these young prodigies defied expectations, proving that age is no barrier to outstanding content creation.

Three years later, our crew is ready for a new challenge — to revolutionize the production industry with advanced AI solutions, and deliver professional quality at turnaround speeds faster than humanly possible … literally.

We’re excited to offer various opportunities for organizations, individuals, and influencers to join us on this journey.

The Crew

Executive Team

Max Turing, CEO
Chief Executive Officer
James Johnson, CPO
Chief Prompt Officer
Clay Kessler, CTO
Chief Technology Officer
— Now Hiring —
Chief Financial Officer

Department Leadership

Tim Hahn
Head of Marketing / Lead Prompt Engineer
— Now Hiring —
Creative Director / VP Production & Design
Christian Matise
Head of AI & Emerging Technologies
— Now Hiring —
Head of Audio Production
— Now Hiring —
Head of Video Production
— Now Hiring —
Head of Illustration & Design
— Now Hiring —
Voice Talent Relations

Spiritual / Legal / Communications

Jeremiah Caldwell
Spiritual Advisor
Lawrence Ackerton
Paralegal / Ethics & Compliance
Joyce Pearl
Public Relations
Mary Foster
Head of Communications / Administration

Now accepting applications for full-service production

Selecting five organizations for initial beta trial

We will review all submissions and prioritize applicants whose ethics and compliance guidelines align with our mission statement,
and who have an urgent need for professional production services with limited financial resources.

Audio Engineer — Internships now open

Remote only

Graphic Designer — Internships now open

Remote only

Video Editing Specialist — Internships now open

Remote only

Graphic Illustrator — Internships now open

Remote only

Text Content Creator & Copywriter — Internships now open

Remote only

AI Researcher & Developer — Internships now open

Remote only

Remote Video Director — Internships now open

Remote only

Remote Camera Operator — Internships now open

Remote only

Voice Over Artist — Now Auditioning

Remote only

Creative Crew Global embraces cutting-edge AI technologies as tools for positive change.

Partner with us today, and shape the world of tomorrow.

Media Contact: Press@KrewBC.com

All other inquiries: Info@KrewBC.com

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